Arctic Trucks Ineterational

"The Origin of the Species"


As the tiger belongs to the cat family, Arctic Trucks belongs to the 4WD family. The kindship is apparent but the difference is obvious.

Arctic Trucks vehicles are converted 4WD with the purpose of meeting the strictest requirements under the severest possible conditions, without any compromises in requirements for style and driving properties.

Arctic Trucks vehicles are built on unique experience and knowledge that has turned out to be world renowned for quality and style. Arctic Trucks employees are the best people in the conversion business, with more than 20 years of experience

An Arctic Trucks conversion consists of both design of different parts and accessories, well trained employees and an excellent craftmanship.

Arctic Trucks is, with every year, putting more emphasize on design and innovation of new quality parts to enhance the conversion production



Land Crusier 200 AT35

Land Cruiser 200

35" modification

Wheels and tires

Take a look at the
AT405 radial


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